Now's the time to start paying attention
Health Care reform? How about just booting out the Lunatics?

As a physician misbehavior investigator, I see enormous flaws in any Health Care ‘reform’ that refuses to address the off-the-chart volume of physician-related mischief. How is it that this subject is so deftly, consistently sidestepped?

Monstrous fraud; thousands of unwarranted procedures; drug pushing beyond reason, our health care system provides a fertile ground for excess and abuse. Chew on these points for a minute:

1. U.S. DOJ: “the estimated law enforcement cost to police & try criminal doctors and medical fraud, is 1/2 TRILLION dollars annually.” Let’s all stop and stare at that number again: $500,000,000,000,000.

2. 11,000 physicians found criminally guilty of serious misbehavior in the last decade. Five times as many civil or ethics hearings.

3. 2010 – 2,389 doctors convicted of egregious acts.

4. 2009 – 2,490 guilty verdicts, 5,000+ more sanctioned in civil proceedings

When a single New York surgeon can perform & bill for 10,000 unwarranted eye operations; when a team of heart surgeons can cut open 900+ healthy chests to pad their own bank accounts; When the Michigan medical board chairman utters the words, “Yes, it can take five years to remove a child molester MD,” then the only line that comes to mind was spoken on Apollo 13:

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Until we weed out the lab coat lunacy, any talk of “reform” is window dressing.